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Until the advent of Possible Green LTD and its LIFETONE tea brand, not much was known in the tea world about the endless possibilities embedded in the indigenous herbs and roots. With our emergence, we are able to transform this wealth of indigenous solution into something worthwhile and also incorporate it into the modern world.


“All this motivated a young and promising female entrepreneur who grew up in Sri Lanka to establish Possible Green LTD. a company where these amazing gifts of nature can be processed to meet the expectation and relevancy of the modern age.

With this, Possible Green LTD. became a full blown and established company in the United Kingdom and we produce our herbal health teas under the brand name “LIFETONE”. We distribute 200 different varieties of our green and herbal tea blends all over the world. Our experience in the field with years of detailed research to produce healthy blend of tea to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle in the current generation of GMO and Hybrid foods makes our company and products stand out from the rest.

Our collaboration with various institutions as we are one of the approved providers, and Sidha Ayurveda university of Jaffna have been contributed to improve our image and growth.


OUR TEA POUCHES – Natural Kraft paper is unbleached to ensure minimal chemical treatment and is a bio material that is bio-based and completely biodegradable, which becomes our brand’s unique identity.

Our suppliers are selected based on social and environmental criteria. We ensure that what they supply is organically produced. The suppliers are mainly small scale service providers to ensure that we contribute our quota to the sustainability of SMEs and start-up enterprises. Also, at Possible Green LTD. we prioritize disadvantaged suppliers such as indigenous people, ex-convicts, ex-combatants, unemployed youths, physically challenged individuals, refugees and lots more.

Our workers are group of motivated individuals who love what they are doing and try to input their best all the time. We provide healthy working condition and ensure they are well remunerated for the service they offer to us. Our workforce predominantly consists of women (80%) who are technical specialists in their field.

The third group consists of our customers. We only choose purpose-oriented group of people who prioritize the health of the people and a safe planet for everyone.


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