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Diwali Hamper Halva Kingdom Set


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In the Diwali Hamper you will get:

2 Diyas by Dankotuwa Porcelain. Different colours available. Leave remark for different colours or message us for your choice of diyas. 

1 Halva Kingdom Premium Tahini, Halva or Nuts. Your Options are:

Halva Kingdom Halva Pistachio (Sugar Free) 180g
Halva Kingdom halva Hazelnut Spread 180g
halva Kingdom Halva Vanilla 180g
Halva Kingdom Halva Pecan 180g
Halva Kingdom Tahini Raw Sesame Seeds 180g
Halva Kingdom Tahini Pesto 180g
Halva Kingdom Halvanuts Whiskey(Non-Alcoholic) Halva Hazelnut 200g
Halva Kingdom Halvanuts Vanilla Halva Almonds 200g
Halva Kingdom Halvanuts Chocolate Halva Peanuts 200g

Please keep in mind that it contains: Nuts, Tree Nuts or Seeds. Which may not be suitable to you if you are allergic.

1 Wichy Virgin coconut oil 230ml

1 Box of oil lamp wicks

1 Fragrance candle

For the Halva kingdom set you are only entitled to one container of above please leave a remark in the order when selecting your choice of halva kingdom item.

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