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Link Samahan – 100 sachets per pack


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Link Samahan is clinically proven to prevent the symptoms of Excessive Sneezing, Nasal Congestion, Waterly Nasal Discharge, Scratchy Throat, Cough, Throat pain, Feverishness, Headache, Itchy eyes and tearing, Itchy ears and blocked ears, Tiredness, Body Pains, Loss of appetite, Difficulties in day to day work. Weight: 400g

Ingredients: Ginger, Black Pepper, Cumin, Coriander, Galangal, Ajowan, Liquorice, Long Pepper, Pathpadagam, Vasaka, Venivel, Siritekku, Vishnukranthi


3 in stock


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4g X 100 sachets

14 Herbal Ingredients. Product of Sri Lanka.

How to drink Samahan: With Hot Water, Tea or Milk.


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Weight 400 g

This post is also available in: 繁體中文 (繁體中文)