Thembili King coconut

World’s wonder drink – have you tried it yet? 世界奇妙的飲品-您嘗試過嗎?

Imagine on a very sunny day and the sun is right above you plus there’s no air conditioner mall near you. You’re scorched and toasted by the crispy sun, you wish there’s a refreshing beverage that could ease your thirst and not make you bloat afterwards.



The King Coconut also is known as Thembili ‘තැඹිලි’ (cocos nucifera var. aurontiaca) is a coconut that is only in the special teardrop island – Sri Lanka.

椰子王(又稱Thembili) (cocos nucifera var. aurontiaca) 是僅在特殊的水滴狀島斯里蘭卡。


What on earth is a king coconut you may ask? Fear not, let me tell you all about it. King Coconut with a gorgeous orange colour that is sold on roads of Sri Lanka, a natural solution for cooling off at the tropical island. 


Forget about your sports beverages that you purchase for the gym or before a match, king coconut is high in electrolytes. It is also rich in vitamin C & B, it helps you stay hydrated and energized. Still worried about the health benefits? It reduces the risk of high blood pressure, free from fat, cholesterol, gluten. That’s right folks, it’s super healthy. Still not persuaded? It cures bladder and kidney problems too.



Sri Lankans have been using it for centuries, now it’s easily available in a bottle at the heart of Hong Kong – waiting for you. Come to VBrands and grab a bottle. 

斯里蘭卡人使用它已有數百年曆史,現在可以很容易在香港中,等著您! 來VBrands搶一瓶。https://vbrands.hk/product/hela-coco-king-coconut-water-370ml/