Coconut Oil’s Unparalleled Versatility & Health Benefits Make It World’s Superfood!

Coconut oil contains … NO carbohydrates, NO fibre, and NO proteins! 

Why is it good for us?                                                                                                        

It is a ‘good-for-us’ saturated fat, with 54% beneficial MCT [Medium-Chain Triglycerides]. Modern research has shown that the human body fares better fuelled by saturated fat, than by glucose-rich carbs.So, coconut oil is one of the best consumable oils for all-round body health.

Unrefined (raw) coconut oil is called “Virgin”. ‘Organic’, centrifuge-extracted, is always preferable.*[Consume maximum 2 tablespoons per day for optimal gain.]

Uses and benefits;

  • Straight from the bottle – with salads, and as a ‘finishing’ oil on many foods.
  • Cooking – for low and medium heat cooking (not high – e.g. deep frying) and, when heated, produces the least of all toxins, compared to other cooking oils.
  • Butter substitute – use 1:1 ratio in recipes that cite butter.
  • Fat replacement – best to substitute unhealthy fats, not in addition.
  • Smoke point – at 350 degrees F [175 C], higher than most oils.
  • Baking/Roasting – coat poultry or meat before cooking.
  • Coffee & Tea – adds richness … particularly as a ‘bulletproof’ constituent.
  • Sugar substitute – in many drinks and food recipes.
  • Smoothies – adds texture and quality fat.
  • Antimicrobial (anti-fungal, antibacterial & antiviral) – contains ‘lauric acid’ [a main acid constituent, which helps destroy many damaging bodily pathogens].
  • Anti-inflammatory – both externally (topically, for the skin) and internally.
  • Wound healing – aids skin repair by boosting collagen production.
  • Antioxidant – prevents and/or removes damaging oxidizing agents.
  • Anti-stress – helpful as a natural antidepressant.
  • Immune system – overall supportive.
  • Weight loss – by keeping pancreatic insulin production levels low.
  • Inhibits fat storage – because coconut oil readily breaks down in the liver (into ketone bodies), it is an immediate energy fuel source (thus it does not easily get stored as body-fat, and is the first fuel to be used for cellular energy production).
  • Dental health – either using as a simple tooth cleanser and/or by ‘pulling’ … reduces dental plaque.  And can prevent gingivitis (gum inflammation).
  • Hair shine – as a conditioner, optimizing hair health, plus prevention/repair of split ends.
  • Facial cleanser – as a make-up remover and moisturizer.
  • Body moisturizer – penetrates without feeling oily or greasy.
  • Sunscreen – as a natural substitute for chemical-based products.
  • Body scrub – to remove rough, dry, flaky skin.
  • Nappy-rash – helps soothe and repair skin cells.
  • Anti-aging – improves skin texture and tone.
  • Inhibits osteoporosis – through increasing calcium absorption … and generally strengthening bones.
  • Cholesterol – proven to increase HDL and lower LDL levels.
  • Cardiovascular health – through help lowering ‘resting heart rate’.
  • Type 2 diabetes – prevents or delays onset, and reduces sufferers’ symptoms.
  • Reduces cancer cell growth – combining lower carb intake with increased coconut oil intake, cancer cells can be starved of the glucose they thrive upon.
  • Chemotherapy – decreases toxic and other side effects.
  • Brain function – feeding the brain with natural fats (not glucose) increases cognition.
  • Epileptic seizure suppression, & Alzheimer’s onset – can be delayed, with one daily tablespoon.
  • Improves energy endurance – as a long term fuel-burning source, unlike quick-fix carb-loading. (Athletes will take coconut oil immediately before sustained high intensity prolonged exercise.)
  • Muscle-building aid – when used in conjunction with resistance training.
  • Fasting – improves thyroid [metabolic] function and suppresses appetite. For those who participate in short-term fasts (e.g. ‘Mono fasting’) … just feed solely on coconut oil for healthy two-day fasts.
  • Massage – a top natural oil for full body massage.  And doesn’t stain sheets!
  • Sexual health – it can be used as an ideal, chemical-free, personal natural lubricant (although, not recommended for those females prone to yeast infections).
  • Pet health – feed dogs for improved digestion … and rub their fur to prevent fleas.
  • Home DIY Hacks
  • 『Seasoning』 cast iron cookware
  • Regular 『conditioning』 of wooden chopping boards
  • Fixing squeaky doors
  • Shining indoor plant leaves
  • Removing 『gum』 from hair
  • Removing awkward stickers/labels from glass jars

So – as you can see … the uses are almost endless !!!

We should have coconut oil in our KITCHEN, BATHROOM, BEDROOM, MEDICINE CABINET, THE NURSERY and even … THE DOG HOUSE !!

* Note: ‘Raw’ coconut oil is never exposed to heat.  Not all virgin (unrefined) coconut oil is raw, but all raw coconut oil is virgin.  It depends on the method of extraction.  “Expeller pressed” and “cold-pressed” oils don’t necessarily mean ‘raw’.  These oils can be heated to high temperatures during the extraction process.  The absolute best – no heat – method is “centrifuge” extraction.

‘Virgin’ coconut oil can be pure, like ‘raw’ coconut oil, but raw coconut oil goes through the minimum amount of processing.

Our Organic Raw-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made with Absolute No Heat method (ANH), Centrifuge extraction. 
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