We bring in Fresh Vegetables, Fruits & Produce from Sri Lanka Twice a Month (Alternative Saturdays), subject to availability, flight schedule & ground situation.

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The same Day Delivery is available to Tung Chung, Tsing Yi & Some parts of Hong Kong Island. Pick-up options are available on the same day or the next day from our store.


Here is the list of regular Vegetables, Fruits & Produce we are bringing from Sri Lanka.



Spine Gourd

Jack fruit

Jack fruit seeds

Wild Potatoes

Ladies’ Fingers (Okra)

Winged Beans

Thai Eggplant

Wild Eggplant


Banana Pepper

Cooking Melon

Snake Gourd

Banana Blossom

Ash Plantains (Cooking Banana)

Lassia Stalk

June Plums (Ambarella)

Nai Kochchi (Bird Chilli/Scotch Bonnet)

Lanka Cucumber


Lotus Root

Young Jackfruit (Polos)

Banana Stems

Red Onions

B Onions



Red Banana

Kolikuttu Banana

Sour Banana

Sugar Banana


Passion fruit


Bael (Beli) Fruit

Sri Lankan Green Orange (Pani Dodang)



Gotukola  Bunch

Mukunuwanna Bunch

Humminbird Tree Leaves Bunch (Katuru Murunga)

Lassia Stem Bunch

Tebu Leaves

Curry Leaves with Pandan bunch

Lanka Spinach

Mix Greens (Kalawam Pala)

Hathawariya Bunch

Walpenala Bunch

Moringa Leaves



Bakery products

Tea buns

Cream buns

Kimbula buns

Wisdom Cookies (Gnana Katha)


Dairy products


Highland Buffalo Curd


Ready To Eat

Sri Lankan Rice & Curry packed in a Coconut or Lotus Leaf - Chicken/Fish Ambulthiyal/Vegetables (Frozen)

Nippon Lamprais – Chicken/Mutton/Pork/Fish/Vegetables (Frozen)

Nippon Rolls – Chicken/Mutton/Fish/Lotus Root/Young Jackfruit (Frozen)

Nippon Puffs – Chicken/Vegetables (Frozen)

Nippon Patties – Chicken/Fish/Vegetables (Frozen)

Hondahitha Kalu Dodol

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Latest Articles

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